Panini Creations owner, Phil Damico, is passionate about The Bread.

In 2007, Phil fell in love with the 16” round focaccia loaf. Soon after, he sold his five St. Paul Delis and went to work developing and perfecting this bread. A visit to Italy, where Italian artisan ovens and doughs produce sumptuous breads further inspired him. The result: an artfully handcrafted and flavorful loaf we call Tuscan Flatbread.

Panini Creations and Original Tomato Sandwiches and Desserts may be found at these fine establishments.

If you would like to see them offered at your favorite coffee or tea house, contact us and we will make a “house call” for you!

Our unique, delicious and affordable fare is easy to serve and always hand crafted and fresh for your special event.

Whether hosting a graduation party, business lunch, wedding reception or anything in between, panini creations tuscan flatbread rounds, desserts, salads and box lunches will be a pleasant change and a sure hit!!!